Hey there #MFAM, 

A part of the community has been waiting for their Blackout 2.0 orders for longer than the estimated time initially stated, and due to us not actively communicating and being transparent with the community about certain delays, there has been a lot of frustration and confusion about the drop and the status of customers’ orders who have yet received the apparel that they purchased.

When the drop first started, #MFAM and H4X made the decision that it would be better to not make the collection limited to ensure every person that wanted to support the MFAM had the opportunity to get their hands on the Blackout 2.0 drop.

Thanks to the overwhelming response from the MFAM, the initial amount of goods that were first ready to ship happened to be a lot less than the amount of orders that were placed while the store was open.

After production and manufacturing went underway in mid-late April and May, the MFAM community was (and still is) incredibly supportive and patient. However, due to the resurgence of COVID-19, our production and cargo delivery times were heavily delayed. We expected this to delay us by an extra month.

H4X develops everything ourselves, from our own fabrics to the cut of the garment itself. Unlike other merch partners, we don’t use existing blanks on the market and simply print designs on them; therefore, this is why the production time took as long as it did. 

At this point in time, anyone who had yet received their order (the last 2 larger waves) received an email from our team letting them know we were expecting their order to be shipped and delivered by August 9th. Although we were able to get a chunk of deliveries out by then (60% of orders), we weren’t able to meet this deadline due to cargo logistic delays interfering once again.

We kept working tirelessly at getting orders fulfilled throughout the month of August once goods were received and will have 98% of orders (both US and Int’l) shipped and delivered within the next 9 days - the other 2% are orders that have address issues and our team will work on every order to ensure delivery. 

Those who have yet to receive their order should have received tracking information via email or text. These tracking #’s will show movement this week and next once picked up by the shipping courier (UPS, Fedex and USPS).

We realize that we should have been more vocal about the delays we were facing, especially after we missed the August 9th deadline. Our efforts of getting orders out as fast as possible are rightfully overshadowed by the concerns of the community that has yet to receive their goods, and we apologize for not being more communicative with the community.